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10 Reasons to use a realtor when buying a new home (New construction)

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Thinking about buying new?

1. In new home sales, a realtor acts as your "legal representative" in this transaction making sure the builder isn't "getting over."

2.  A home is your biggest purchase in life. Doesn't it make sense to have someone that has your best interest, walk you through the process that's been there...multiple times?

3. IT'S FREE!!! Builders factor in realtor, repair, upgrades, lot expenses and other factors in their budget. So even though they may not tell you, we have already been accounted for, financially. This is FREE representation.

4. Realtors have resources to inspectors, lawyers, and other "help" most builders hope you don't have access to so you're more lenient on them.

5. Realtors negotiation on your behalf as we are familiar with the process. Builders are aware we can take our business elsewhere. Them knowing that, gives you leverage in negotiation through your agent. 

6. Your choices and decisions carry more weight when coming out of a Realtors mouth. Think of lawyer in the courtroom. You are treated different when you represent yourself, then when you hire someone specific in that arena.

7. Realtors know and understand the ENTIRE process and how it should go. Builders know that and are less likely to make simple (but costly mistakes) that the buyer would have to pay.

8. We are able to run comps and are familiar with the market to make sure you aren't overpaying.

9. Sales reps work for the seller, who's best interest do you think they're working for???

10. Lies/misconception that you get a discount without an agent. The sales rep will tell you there is a "non-realtor" discount. They are paid to keep money in the sellers pocket. If they don't pay an agent, they are NOT going to just give you that expense, but raise the price and offer a "non realtor" discount, for the reasons listed above.

BONUS: Without an agent, you are 100% liable if something goes wrong within the transaction, leaving you defenseless and having to hire (with your own money) a lawyer to resolve. With a realtor, you are automatically protected and backed by your agent, that agent's broker and the Texas Real Estate Commission (T.R.E.C.) which stipulates laws those involved with an agent must adhere to, or face legal action.

Note: Realtors do not work less with new construction, we do different work. We aren't compensated for just finding a home. That is actually only the initial and sometimes easiest part of the home buying process. We are worth more then amount allotted to us and shouldn't be asked to cut or share commissions for acting more of a "legal overseer" then a "house locator." Are there agents that sign papers and aren't involved in the process...of course. But you should do your due diligence in finding someone that's going to work FOR YOU! 

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